Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who loves to paint???

NOT I!!! I painted a lot about 2 weeks ago...and I am so done! My mom wanted me to post pics on my blog so she could see it. She lives about 3 hours from me. So mom....this is for you. This is pics of my living room...kind of a 360. Enjoy.
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School Pictures

Ahhh...that wonderful time of year when the kids bring home thier school know...the ones you pay a ton of money for but you're not there to make sure the kids look just right. Well, my freshman pulled his out of his backpack today and guess what.....he had his dang coat on!!! I about lost it....couldn't believe I spent money for these pics and he had his coat on. Soooo....when the hubby got home from work, we took the kids and got our own photos, along with the family dog Patriot. Hope you like!
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