Monday, August 18, 2008


Who doesn't need to be more organized??? As I continue to "collect"....I'm constantly looking for ways to organize my stamps, paper, bling, etc. I got the idea to put some trim up on the walls to hold my stamps. I'm sure I saw it somewhere on line, but who can remember stuff like that. So off I went to Lowes.....rubber stamp in hand! I searched for a piece that was wide enough to hold my stamp and bought 2 8' sections of it. It was already painted white...which made it even sweeter. I (ok, not really "I", it was the hubby) cut each piece in half and nailed them onto wall. Now all of my wood mounted stamps from different companies are right up there on the wall for me to look at and decide which I want to use. How cool is more searching in a drawer!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ah yes...I'm such a slacker!!!!

I've neglected my blogly duties lately. I can't believe how quickly this summer has gone. Its hard to believe the holidays will be here before we know it. I've been thinking about Christmas and gifts, and giving. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. I admit its fun to receive gifts...but man I love the giving part. I've been known to go a little overboard! Its also time to start thinking about Christmas cards. I admit I don't "make" them for everyone...but for the most part, family and friends get them. I'll be sure to upload some of them as soon as I get started.

I was peaking over at PTI the other day and came across a bracelet Nichole had made using paper. OK, I instantly fell in love with it and dug out my beading supplies. It was so easy and I definitely plan on making some of these as Christmas gifts. Nichole has a tutorial on her blog at go check it out. I bought more paper to start working on some more bracelets. I know my nieces are going to love these!!
Thanks for stopping by, and I'll try to keep after this blog a little better! Take care my friends!

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