Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas in New York

Nothing like walking thru New York City on a cold, blustery day!! A friend and I spent yesterday in NYC.....sightseeing, shopping, eating.....well, you get the picture. The tree at Rockefeller Center is just amazing, its so beautiful. The city was crowded, but when isn't it crowded there. The tree is a 72 ft Norway Spruce!!! You can read more about the tree here . Enjoy, and hopefully I can get some cards made today and uploaded. Thanks for stopping by.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OMG - its December!!!

Can you even believe that December is here? Wow, where did 2008 go? I swear it was yesterday when the boys started summer vacation!

Oh well....hope all of you are at least started on your Christmas shopping, and maybe even close to being done. How about those handmade cards????? Done with them yet? I'm close to being done shopping, and close to having my cards made!

Here's a card I thought I'd, its not a Christmas card.
The holidays are hard for a lot of people. Maybe they lost a loved one around the holidays at some point in their life, maybe they are having health issues, or possibly financial problems. Someone I know lost their life a few weeks ago, and I wonder how hard it will be for her family to cope this holiday season. How will her children and husband find the strength to get thru the next few weeks without thinking of her every waking moment? They'll have to do does go on after all, but they'll do it with the love and support of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and people in their community.
Take a moment this holiday season to help out that elderly neighbor, donate to a food bank, adopt a family for the holidays. Do something to show others that someone does care, you may be the person that puts a smile on their face, and gives them hope!
I hope you all have a very fulfilling holiday season!
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