Monday, August 27, 2012

Something Different.....

I normally only put my crafty stuff here on the blog, but today is something a bit different.  I want to share my Facebook status from tonight with all of you!

I was on my lunch break today and went into the Dollar Tree to pick up a couple things when I overheard a mother telling her kids that she only had $3 left.  The girls were debating which pack of pens to put back on the shelf, since they couldn’t get both packs.  I also heard the youngest girl say that she’d like to have a new folder.  Mom told her she couldn’t afford a new folder.  With my heart breaking, I turned and asked if I could buy the school things for the kids….they all just stared at me, and then mom started crying.  The kids said “are you sure?”  I tried to not make them feel bad, but told the kids to get whatever they needed for school, and I told the little girl to pick out a new folder.  I took all of their items to the register, and added in some licorice for good measure.  I was using my debit card and could get some money out (since I never have cash), so I got $20 and handed it to mom and handed the kids the bag of school stuff.  Each kid hugged me, as well as mom and thanked me immensely.  It was such a small gesture, but it felt so good!   It made me wonder what else these kids are sacrificing.
My challenge to you is to do a random act of kindness and come back here and tell me what you did!  Let’s see how many acts of kindness we can do this week!  It doesn’t have to be anything big, you could put a quarter in an expired parking meter, or pay for the person behind you in the drive thru,  even just help someone carry groceries to their car.....anything…..I dare you to see how good it makes you feel!   Ready, set, ….go!

Feel free to share this and lets see how much goodness we can spread throughout the world.  Be sure to come back and let me know what you did!  
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Marisa said...

What a wonderful things you did for that family today, Julie!! HUGE cyber ((hug)) being sent to you!! Great idea to pay it forward too :)

Christine Harrop said...

I found your blog whilst surfing. Yooou have almost moved me to tears. This was such a wonderful thing to do for total strangers. We have so much in this life and are so lucky, that yoou have really made me think and I shall certainly be taking onboard your "kindness" act - even though I am almost a month late!! Christine

Joana Sanchez said...

O my God what a beautiful gesture Julie
Make me remember wen I did one RAK
Withi out thinking
I went to buy some food to feed my family (fast food)
And a homeless ask me for change I didn't have any buy I buy him a meal and in my way out I give him to him he tank me and he said thank you for the hot meal
It feels good went you help someone with out any in return

Wida said...

I love this story and you for your humanity. BLess YOu!

~amy~ said...

This is an awesome story and post Julie!