Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The day has finally come!
My very first card has been published and I couldn't be happier!!!
It is such an exciting experience, and a goal I set out to accomplish last
year at this time (it was a New Years Resolution)

I'm published in this wonderful magazine -
it went on shelves today, and you need to run (not walk) to wherever
you get your magazines and buy one!!
The cards in it are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Here is my card -
the arrow is pointing to my name, although its hard to see.
I share a page with the awesome Jennie Harper

Ok, I feel better getting all this excitement off my chest!

Don't forget about my blog candy....I'm going to draw a winner tomorrow.
PLUS, I'll be back tomorrow am with some SNSS goodness.


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Pattie said...

Congrats Julie! So happy for you!

Kathy Ohler said...

Beautiful design Julie! You do great work.

Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

Way to go, my sweet friend! I'm SOOOOO happy for you!!!

Brandi said...

Congratulations! You must be so excited! Your published card is beautiful.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Congrats on the publication! That is super exciting! I can't wait to see it!! You rock:)

Marisa said...

Hooot, hoooot, you go girl!!! A huge congrats and a (((hug)))!!

JenMarie said...

YAY Jules!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!! Wahoo!!!

Janice M said...

CONGRATS Julie!!! :0)

Sue Kohler said...

congratulations Julie, you so deserve to be in print!! :)

Carrie said...

Yeah Jules! I'm so proud of you and that card is amazing!!! Now I am gonna have to go buy that magazine just because your in it!

Suzanne said...

Yay Julie!!! That is a great card!

Thanh Vo said...

WAY TO GO!!! Congrats on your pub, Julie!