Monday, May 2, 2011

Paper Cupcakes

(grab a drink, it's a long one)
Happy Monday blog friends!
It's time for another Paper Cupcakes Challenge!
I happen to be the one that actually chose today's challenge....
how cool is that?
I chose a birthday theme, since I'll be turning the big 4-1 next week!
Where do the years go....I am seriously going to be 41!

Are you where you want to be in your life?
Think about it....right now, this moment....are you where you want to be?
I guess I am....or at least I'm constantly working
towards being where I want to be!
I have a great husband, 2 great kids, a family that loves me,
a very loving dog that sheds all over my house, a roof over
my head, and food on the table!  I suppose thats really all I need.

I'm taking it a step further though....I've wanted to open an online store for a
while now.  I woke up one morning in the middle of March and thought...
"what are you waiting for Smith?"  
(I affectionately call myself Smith since its my last name :) )
I really didn't know what I was waiting for, so I decided to take the leap!

Right after I took the leap and started getting things going......
my uncle died.  He was sick, but we surely didn't expect to lose him
this quickly.  I put everything on hold and went home to be with my
family...and to grieve.   I didn't get to talk to him before he died, 
he was already basically in a coma.  But I was there to experience 
death....and I hate it!

So I grieved, and I moved on, cuz thats what we
have to do...right?  I got things rolling again, ordering supplies, my
"Business Manager"...aka: hubs was working on spreadsheets,
and trying to keep my spending at a minimum.

Then the call other uncle was sick! 
 I thought, this can't be happening....this just can't be happening!  
So I put everything on hold,went home to be with my family again....
and got to see my uncle and talk to him before he died.  
I was very selfish....and told him I wasn't ready for him to
leave, that I wanted him to stay.  I was very selfish because I knew he
was tired, and very sick and needed to leave.  I couldn't bring myself
to tell him it was ok though.  Later that night, he too slipped into 
a "coma-like" state.  We went to the hospital the next day and 
before we left that night...I told him I'd be ok.  I told him I wasn't ok the 
night before, but I knew he had to go and that I would be ok......
he died moments after we left he hospital.  I'm crying as I sit here 
writing this, but I feel like I needed to share this with all of you.  
Death is horrible, and it's lonely, and it's scary....but it happens, 
and it's reality.  I'm dealing with my uncles deaths as best I can.  
I still cry at random, and I find myself feeling sad when I want to call 
them and tell them about my day....and then realize I can't.  
So I just talk to them like they are with me.

Today.....tell your family that you love them, and hug them, and make sure
that you are where you want to be!!!

I'm going where I want to be with my new store, and my new challenge blog.
I sure hope you'll all come see my store, and play
along with the challenges.  There will be prizes!
You can find the store on Facebook - search for
Paper and Such, and here is a link to the challenge blog
Make sure you follow the blog so you don't miss anything.

OK, wow, I didn't expect to write all just came out! sure to check out what Nina has in the store
over at Paper Cupcakes....
isn't this image just too adorable??

Be sure to check out what all of the design team members have
created as can find their stuff here

Stamps: Easy Does It from Paper Cupcakes
Paper: kraft, white, MME - Hattie dp
Ink: Versafine black
Misc: ribbon, button, rhinestones, copics, nesties

Thanks so much for listening to my babbling today!!

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Marisa said...

Oh sorry to hear about what life has thrown at you recently. It is never easy to see a loved one go - my heart goes out to you. HUGE (((hug))). Looking forward to seeing your new blog, challenges, store etc.

Suzanne said...

Big Tennessee {{{HUG}}}! Oh and cute card!